Our priorities are based on issues raised with SGREN in the key services areas that affect the BAME communities of South Gloucestershire: 


According to OFSTED, improvements need to be made to achieve good standards of educational outcomes for BAME children and students. These include tackling race-related incidents and improving links to BAME communities.

We work and support families who have BAME children in education to achieve the best possible educational outcomes for their children and those who are in care or looked after.  


Within the Avon and Somerset Police which includes South Gloucestershire, Black and Minority Ethnic people are six times more likely to get stopped and searched than their white counterparts. Evidence also exists that there are dis-proportionate and harsher sentences given to BAME community members. There are a variety of reasons that contribute to this discrimination including issues, such as institutional racism. These factors mean that BAME communities are over-represented within the criminal justice system which has been highlighted in the Lammy Review.

Our task is to ensure fair justice by liaising with the police and authorities to ensure their services are fair and equitable and institutions such as Avon and Somerset Police deliver on their strategies.  


Research from the NHS states there are differences in the way BAME patients are treated. These discriminatory acts vary in their nature and include hospital care, religious and dietary needs being met and delays in getting appointments.

We wish to promote fair access to health services and increase awareness of the range of services that are available by our health providers in the region.


Extensive research has identified that Black Asian & Minority Ethnic communities are not getting fair access to services that local authorities, housing associations and housing providers provide. These include rehousing, repairs, overcrowding and allocations.

SGREN works to ensure there is a need to ensure information is made available about these services through council offices, community organisations and networks.


Research studies prove that BAME workers suffer more bullying and harassment in the workplace, have higher rates of unemployment and are paid less than their white counterparts. Information from UWE Bristol also states that BAME graduates also experience higher rates of discrimination in the employment field.

Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace leads to improved results for teams and companies. It is vital opportunities are made available to ensure economic prosperity for all. Putting South Gloucestershire’s employers in contact with a talented diverse workforce is our goal.


This website aims to highlight and reference some of the key research reports and findings which underpin our work.


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